The assignment:
For many young couples who are living together and both scaling the career ladder, housework is a source of frustration. Sharing out and keeping up with chores around the house is a burden, and one that is often unfairly divided, too. This owes to deeply entrenched habits that can be difficult to let go. Behaviour design and gamification can help break the stalemate with a user-friendly application called TWOSOME.



The result:
‘TWOSOME is an app that uses behaviour design and gamification to help the target group distribute household tasks fairly, help them keep on top of chores and makes housekeeping a little more fun. The app provides each partner with an overview of household chores for the week, which they have to enter themselves and are then divided up by the app. It takes account of routines and remembers who did which chore when. Whenever they finish a chore, the partners can tick it off the list and earn points, which they can then save up for a certain goal and also use to earn “tickets”. Tickets are an extra feature of the app that add a bit of excitement and challenge to the mix. They can be traded in for privileges in the app and with the partner.

Goodbye frustration, bad habits and unfair tasking: TWOSOME makes housework fairer, easier and more fun!’



Link(s) to additional project info / demo(s) / film clips:
– separate designs:
– demo version:



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