How do you go from a brand that’s being consumed every day to a brand that is interacted with every day? Common solutions in the specialty coffee industry are focused on either the process of continuous release or focus on brewing tools. Neither seems to fully put the coffee at center stage. Either distracting with screens or overloading with information. Leaving a gap for a tool that seamlessly integrates into the brewing ritual which removes complexity and improves consistency.

Where form meets function, Melnūdens Cupful gives coffee lovers a chance to focus entirely on the art of making coffee. Giving a distraction-free, step-by-step guide that puts the coffee center stage. The Cupful smart scale guides users through the coffee brewing process through integrated visual cues while registering the process, supporting you in making the perfect cup of coffee in the same way again and again. Bringing these functionalities together is what sets this smart scale and app apart from others. A collection of brewing recipes, discovery of new recipes and methods, history of brew data, library of learning resources to deepen your knowledge of the coffee-making process. Intuitive, integrated features enable at-home brewers to keep full attention on the coffee making process, bridging the gap between a product that is not only consumed but is interacted with every day. Deepening their passion with every perfect cupful.

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Bekijk hier mijn Figma documentatie



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