We had to create an immersive installation, using digital fashion. It had to be an experience that’s different from the traditional fashion experiences. Surprise the viewer and create something unexpectedly new. The final product will be displayed in the immersive lab at Yipp, where they have the whole technical equipment for the installation.

We combined Unity a gaming software with Clo3D a digital designing tool for fashion. The installation was presented in the ‘immersive lab’ at studio Yipp. This immersive lab uses a lot of beamers and tracking software with depth sensors to create immersive experiences. In Unity we worked with render textures, shaders, and triggers. We created an environment with a camera in it. A shader, that is written by a code wizard from Yipp, makes sure that the video is placed in perspective. The perspective is based on the viewer’s head whenever you move the environment adjusts in your perspective. It’s kind of like wearing a VR headset. For the garments, we added colliders that work as triggers, so if you get closer to them, they start moving in the spotlight and a sound effect. All the digital garments were designed and animated in Clo 3D with movements from mixamo. After animating them we exported the designs with colors and textures into Unity.

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