The assignment:
The Bonafide care home wanted an interactive program that would help to bring neighbourhood residents closer together, with a particular emphasis on strengthening ties between older and younger generations. Key objectives were social bonding and personal fulfilment. In more concrete terms, this meant the product had to be designed to facilitate contact between neighbourhood residents and residents of the care home.

The result:
The product has two components: a website and a jukebox. The jukebox is installed in the care home’s common area. Neighbourhood residents can enter their favourite songs on the website and describe memories associated with the songs. These descriptions can be read by all the members, who can respond to the song entries and/or stories. This initiates a connection between people that can eventually grow into a close friendship. Residents and the client are enthusiastic about the product, which has been designed with great precision. An external party recently also expressed an interest in purchasing the product.

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Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Frank Maartens, aged 63

 ‘The music my wife and I like and have memories attached to is the CD Wish you were here by Pink Floyd. We heard this music during our first holiday together in Tossa de Mar in Spain, in 1976. We went to a bar there called El Pirata, which was located in the old castle of Tossa de Mar. As soon as the barman saw us he put on this LP (CDs didn’t exist yet). The first number especially, Shine on you Crazy Diamond, is brilliant! We were there three weeks and visited this great bar quite a lot.”


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